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Welcome to St Mary's Hitcham.


Let's grow back better together.


We are working towards being an Eco church and support Fair Trade.

The Team:

Vicar: Revd Sue Sampson


01628 319087

07554 995346

5 Facts about Revd Sue:

- Has 3 adult sons and 2 grandchildren

- Has been a Christian for over 40 years

- An active swimmer

- Her motto is: live life to the full

- Loves scuba diving

Churchwarden: Chris Berry




01628 661073

5 Facts about Chris:

- Married with 2 grown up daughters & 1 son who lives in Australia

- Loves Formula 1 motor racing & supports Swindon Town Football Club

- Enjoys walking and eating cake (although not at the same time)

- Favourite cake is a Belgian bun

- His 15 minutes of fame was appearing on tv with Rosie & Jim (a children's puppet show)

Chris is also a BFG Team Leader and regularly preaches at St Mary's

Churchwarden: Terry Cheney


07789 937353


5 Facts about Terry:


- Counts himself fortunate that he has come to know Our Lord and has also experienced the power and reality of prayer
- Loves driving, especially luxury cars and powerful motorcycles
- Is married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren
- Has an intense dislike of cruelty and computers. Which of these is most disliked
varies according to circumstance
- Hobbies are woodturning, DIY and historical architecture


Terry is also a part of the Financial Giving Team at St Mary’s

Deputy Churchwarden: Carol Bader


07778 389278

5 Facts about Carol:

- Mum to her twenty something son and 2 adopted mad Arabian Mau cats, rescued from Dubai

- Loves to sing and worship God through song and creativity

- Enjoys taking photographs of anything interesting or that gives joy, including sun sets and rises, especially by the sea

- Likes to cook for others and her specialities are desserts and roast parsnips

- Finds gardening a joy, getting hands dirty, being close to nature and enjoying the fruits of labour if the slugs, snails and birds don't get there first

Carol is also Worship Leader, heads up the St Mary's Eco Church group and media developer

Members of the Church PCC:


Debbie Rainer – PCC Secretary


5 Facts about Debbie:
- Married with two adult sons

- Has enjoyed three career changes: bank teller, production manager, teacher
- Loves anything creative: writing, photography, journaling, knitting (badly), art
- Is an avid reader who volunteers in a charity bookshop
- Adores travel, most recent 'zero' birthday was celebrated in Thailand, swimming with elephants

Debbie also leads the 9am Welcome Team Leader and BFG Club

Jo Cork – Deanery Synod Representative


5 Facts about Jo:
- Has an adult son and daughter and a grandson
- Has been a Christian for 47 years
- Sings in the church Worship Group and with the Slough Philharmonic Chorus
- Sung on 'Songs of Praise' twice, on the 'Cliff Richard Show' and appeared on a TV
quiz show.
- Enjoys sewing and 'crafting'

Jo is also the DBS administrator for St Mary’s Church


Josie Hefferman – PCC member



5 Facts about Josie:
- Has 4 grown up children and 3 young granddaughters
- Lives with a friendly cockatiel
- Has been a Christian most of her life – but hasn’t always attended church
- Loves cycling and walking in God’s wonderful creation
- An aging beach babe who still loves to dance given the chance, even at St Mary’s

Josie is also a member of the St Mary’s Eco Church group and coordinates the delivery of offerings to Burnham Care & Share

Marie Hill – Deanery Synod Representative





Marie is also Team Leader of the Hospitality Team, Co-ordinates the Electoral Role & is Co-Leader of St Mary’s Roots & Shoots


David Ross-Hamilton – PCC Member



5 facts about David:

- Married to Jenny and has 4 children and 11 grandchildren

- Enjoys a technical challenge, the more complicated the better!

- Has grown an impressive beard during lockdown

- Has a soppy cat that likes to gatecrash zoom calls

- Interested in genealogy & has traced the family history back to 1750 so far

David is also Team Leader for the AV at St Mary’s







Henriette Watkins – PCC Member



5 facts about Henriette

- Often called 'H' because she once worked for a company where some of the staff in the warehouse couldn't remember 'Henriette'

- As well as 2 adult sons, she has a 40 year old stepdaughter who she brought up from age 6.

- Played county golf for 10 years.

- Love small furry animals.

- Has a terribly sweet tooth.

Henriette is also the Team Leader of the Prayer Ministry Team







Bike rack

Accessible toilet

Hearing (Induction Loop)


St Mary's Hitcham, Hitcham Lane, Burnham, Slough, SL1 7DP

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