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How Can You Get Involved?

There are lots of way you can get involved at St Mary's Hitcham.

One of the fastest ways to find connection and purpose at St Mary's is through serving. Whether it's working with children or serving coffee, there is an opportunity to serve in all areas of ministry. So no matter your personality or your talents, you have a chance to make a difference here. We believe that God has given us all gifts that we can use for the good of others - all are ministers in our church. 

Please see below where you can be involved in the St Mary's serving family and speak to or contact Chris Berry email; or Carol Bader email: who will be happy to help and guide as well as offer more information

1) Joining Small Groups

You can join a small group and meet online or in person. We have 4 small groups that meet each week:

  • Monday evening Men's Group

  • Tuesday evening Men's group

  • Wednesday evening Group

  • Thursday day group

2) Hospitality

  • Join the tea/coffee rota

  • Get involved in social events

  • Offer lifts to those struggling to get to church

3) Welcoming

  • Welcoming people when they enter the church building

  • Inviting people to stay for coffee and making them feel welcomed

4) Worship

  • Join the singing group

  • Join the reading rota

  • Prayer ministry

  • Leading intercessions/prayers

  • Chalice/ helping with Communion

5) Church Operations

  • Audio visual support/streaming services

  • Gardening team

  • Buildings maintenance

6) Eco Church

  • Maintaining bird feeders

  • Wild planting

  • Recycling

  • Sustainable energy

7) Pastoral Care

  • Visiting people in their homes

  • Picking up medication and running errands

  • Food shopping

  • Offfering lifts

8) Community

  • Support Slough Foodbank

  • Support Care and Share in Burnham

9) Social

  • Help out at one of our events (eg Pancake Party, Harvest)

  • Support local events like the Christmas Fair in Burnham

If you would like to get involved why not get in touch.
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